Jennifer is running for AEA Council

Jennifer Swiderski

Jennifer is running for a seat on the AEA Council. The following is my printed statement in this month’s EQUITY NEWS.

(Residence: New York, NY)
Contracts worked: Production (League), Production (Tier C Tour), SETA, LORT, LOA, CORST, COST, Dinner Theatre, SPT, Guest Artist, Staged Reading, Showcase

My goal has always been to make a living as a union actor. Since 2000, I’ve been able to do that, booking work from open calls, being completely dependent on contract minimums. Lately, that’s been getting harder and harder. I believe that it’s possible, even in this economic climate, to secure better contracts for our entire membership.

AEA has faced incredible challenges lately, fighting to recapture the road. I directly benefited from those efforts – living 2 years on the controversial SETA as well as a Tier C Production. That strategy served a purpose, however now I think it’s time to reevaluate. It seems I’m not alone. During this recent wave of membership involvement, I’ve been inspired, frustrated, and humbled- propelling me to step up and run for Council.

What sets me apart as a candidate? I’ve been in the trenches working a variety of contracts all over the regions. This affords me a unique perspective on ways we can improve these, as well as others like them, while strengthening our union overall. This requires a group effort, and by utilizing the latest technology to improve union communication, I’m confident we can move forward from a place of informed empowerment.

Jennifer SwiderskiSo I’m asking for your vote to put me in a position to represent you as a fresh new voice. With a passion for collaboration and innovation, I’m ready to work hard toward a stronger union that serves all its members in the best way possible.


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